Al Dhafrah Region Events and Festivals

Al Dhafrah region abounds with many important activities and receives an increasing number of participants and visitors annually, some of which have gained a global dimension, and it has become one of the signs witnessing the leadership of Al Dhafra region at the Gulf and regional levels. Al Dhafrah Region has great, diverse potential for tourism, especially in Mirfa, Liwa, Dalma Island, and Sir BaniYas. Mirfa is famous for its natural harbor, with its ample marine life, while Liwa is a natural area known for its distinct green 'carpet', as well as the tallest sand dunes in the world, The most prominent of these events and festivals, is

1. Liwa Festival.

2. Liwa Dates Festival.

3. Al Dhafrah Water Sports Festival.

4. Al Dhafrah Camel Festival.

5. Exhibitions and Competitions in Al Dhafrah Region.

6. Al Dhafrah Job Fair.

7. Liwa Agricultural Exhibition.

8. “Our Special Summer” Exhibition.

9. Al Dhafrah Region Classic Automobile Show.

10. Al Dhafrah Region Cycling Race.

11. Al Dhafrah Region Photography Contest.

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