Government projects in Al Dhafrah Region:

Al Dhafrah region receives constant attention and keenness from the wise leadership that includes the annual strategy of the Abu Dhabi government, the vision of the capital for the year 2030, and the strategies necessary to carry out these tasks successfully. Then, the wise leadership demonstrated its determination to move forward with all the affairs of the region through the high-level directives to establish many Development, construction, and health projects.

Parties responsible for the implementation of the Abu Dhabi Government’s plans and programs in Al Dhafrah Region:

A number of higher-level parties are supervising the execution of the Abu Dhabi government’s current projects in Al Dhafrah Region. To achieve this they are acting in accordance with a work agenda that includes: completed projects, projects currently underway, ready-to-develop projects, projects under design, and future projects, all of which are provided with deadlines mentioned in the announced strategies, in compliance with the official guidelines on the necessity to apply good performance standards such as including teamwork, accuracy, and transparency.

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