RRCDR Strategy

The Office of the Ruler’s Representative in Al Dhafrah Region’s strategy includes the following points:


To implement the Ruler's Representative’s vision to lead Al Dhafrah region and make it a model of excellent, modern services.


Striving to meet the needs of different segments of society in Al Dhafrah Region in line with the Ruler's Representative’s vision and help His Highness fulfill his duties through diversification of projects, programs and the best use of all available resources in line with international best practices.


  • Responsibility and Commitment
  • Continuous Learning
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism and Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Authenticity and Modernity
  • Contact and Communication

Strategic Objectives

  1. Adopt the ‘International Excellence Model’ to improve the Office’s Performance.
  2. Develop the technical infrastructure of the Office to keep pace with technological developments.
  3. Develop and improve Human Resources capacities and attract citizens with qualified competencies.
  4. Develop evaluation mechanisms and deal with the current and future needs of the region in cooperation with concerned authorities.
  5. Launch social programs and initiatives that serve women, youth, elderly and disabled people.
  6. Develop and strengthen the protocol policy in accordance with global excellence standards.
  7. Strengthen the coordination of strategic partnerships to improve the Office’s performance and services.

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